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«Concern «KyivPidzemShlyakhBud» —
Advanced technologies for
underground construction

«Concern «KyivPidzemShlyakhBud» is one of the powerful construction companies of Ukraine. The enterprise which traces its history back to 1936, stood at the outset of construction of the first water mains in Kyiv City and other underground installations, it reinforced slopes of Dnipro River.

For almost the centenary history it was several times reorganized and changed its name, but invariable there always was the high quality standards of work performance.

1936 - «Hydrodorstroj» office was organized

1948 - Construction Directorate No. 4 of the «Hydrodorstroj» Trust

1955 - Construction Directorate No. 4 of the «GlavKyivStroj» Trust

1963 - Specialized Construction Directorate No. 4 of the «KyivPidzemShlyakhBud No. 1» Trust

1976 - «Directorate on construction of special purpose tunnels and underground installation» of  «KyivPidzemShlyakhBud No.1» Trust

2000 - Main Contracting Organisation «Concern «KyivPidzemShlyakhBud» is organized.
The Concern headed for introduction and implementation of the present-day technologies in construction of underground infrastructure of Ukraine’s cities.

2001 – present-day linear shield mountings of EMUNDS und STAUDINGER GmbH, German company’s manufacture for pipe-laying with the use of trenching techniques were procured.

2003 – microtunnelling  technology for construction of the main and street collectors is introduced in Ukraine. Work is performed with the AVN 1200 C HERRENKNECHT microtunnel shield facility. Together with its partners, the manufacture is arranged of reinforced concrete pipes of 400 to 2500 mm diameter by a vibrocompression method on the equipment of PEDERSHAAB, Danish company. Henceforth the Concern uses pipes of Ukrainian manufacture for laying of collectors with a microtunnelling technology.

2006 – Vermeer D 36x50 installation (USA) has been acquired for laying engineering networks by a method of horizontal directional drilling. One more microtunnel shield tunneling facility AVN 1200 ХC HERRENKNECHT has been procured. The new complex allows carrying out underground driving along the complicated curvilinear routes of long distances.

2007 – henceforth, the works under the conditions of dense construction and preservation of historical landscape are carried out on a new Vermeer PL 8000 installation.

2008 – for the first time in Ukraine the manufacture is arranged of reinforced concrete pipes for microtunnelling   with the polyethylene insert (of P/E 80 high pressure polyethylene). Pipes are used for collectors which intake the corrosive drains. Service life of such underground communications increases to 50 years. For the first time in Ukraine the present-day technology is used of construction of potable water reservoirs  with processing of reservoir  surfaces with P/E 80 high pressure polyethylene, certificated as potable.

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