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Construction of the South-West sewer collector Reconstruction of gravity sewer collector along Lunacharsky Street
Construction of pressure head sewer pipeline from the "Pushcha - Voditsja" Sewer Pump Station to Gazoprovodnaya Street in the Obolonsky District of Kyiv City
Water main of D1400 mm from Marshal Grechko Str. to the Major Circumferential Road in the Podolsky, Shevchenkovsky, Svyatoshinsky Districts of Kiev City
Sewer collector from the Mostytsky Collector to the City Main Collector, 1-st turn

Sewer collector along Stetsenko Str.

Passage Collector of D1400 mm water-line  from the «Dnepr» Metro Station to Kirovogradskaya Str.

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Reconstruction of gravity-flowing sewage collector along M. Lebedev Str. in Kiev City _object_title:35 (en)
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Since 2000, more than 70 facilities have been constructed by Concern's  professionals,
 totaling more than 250 km of pipelines and with depth of laying down to 90 m

Construction of a water main from Glubochitsky Street to Vladimirskaya Street
Re-laying of a pressure head sewer collector from a pump station of Svyatoshino Residential Area to Chumakovsky gravity collector
Construction of a new sewer collector along Syretsky Street – І-st and ІІ-nd turns Reconstruction of sewer collector along Kyoto Street 
Construction of the water drain in a private sector in the Sovki residential community Major repairs of a section of Lukyanovsky of rain water drain collector and household water drain collector along Dmitrievsky Street, 38-40.
Laying of engineering networks during reconstruction of the Independence Square and construction of  the "Globus" underground trading mall Laying of outside engineering networks for the Redisson SAS Hotel construction
Construction of a complex of artesian water supply structures of the "Osokorki-Severnye"  Residential Area and a water main along Grigorenka Avenue (1-st turn)

Sewer collector along Protasov Yar Str. from Solomenskaya Str. to Grinchenko Str.

Pressure head collectors No.1 and No.2 from “Nikolskaya Borshchagovka SPS No.1” (2 lines) in Svyatoshinsky District of Kiev City

Pressure head sewer collector No.1 from «Nikolskaya Borshchagovka No.2» SPS in Svyatoshinsky District of Kiev City.

Reconstruction of D=500 mm sewage collectoralong Stolichny Highway in Kiev City Gravity-flowing sewage collector along Sortuvalna Str. in Kiev City
_object_title:38 (en) Reconstruction of gravity-flowing sewage collector along Degtjarenko Str. in Kiev City
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Concern’s Project Sites
Detailed contact information
Question to the expert
Site map

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