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Construction of a water main from Glubochitsky Street to Vladimirskaya Street
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Construction of a water main from Glubochitsky Street to Vladimirskaya Street.

Construction period: December 2005 – December 2009
Water main total length – 2 561 m.

The main part of a waterway is laid by a method of mechanized shield driving by PS 2.15 shield. The water main consists of D 900 mm steel pipes that are laid in a D 1780 mm tunnel. The average driving depth - 15 m.

Taking into account the hydro-geological conditions of water main construction, a part of water main was laid with the application of  microtunnelling  technology. AVN 1200 ХС tunnel drive-in complex was used.

Water main pipes are in a casing, which in its turn is placed in the constructed tunnel. It provides the reliable and uninterrupted water main operation during 30-50 years.

The following works were performed as well:
- laying of a water main of D900 mm steel pipes by cut-and-cover method with the use of linear sheeting;
- construction of connections to a water main of  D200 mm cast-iron pipes by cut-and-cover method;
- laying of a sewer collector of D150 mm cast-iron pipes by a method of pipe driving;
- construction of  22 extinguishing chambers and viewing wells.

Works are conducted in the centre of Kyiv City, in places of dense city construction, absence of communication corridors, complicated hydro-geological conditions, but without complicating living condition of people and without interfering with movement of pedestrians and motor transport.

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