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«Concern «KyivPidzemShlyakhBud» —
Advanced technologies for
underground construction
Sewer collector from the Mostytsky Collector to the City Main Collector, 1-st turn
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Construction time schedule: 09.2009 - 12.2015
Collector total length - 4 890 m
Driving depth - from 9,5 m to 63 m

The construction purpose is to channel the sewage of city’s northwestern part (areas of Nivki, Vinogrador’, Puscha-Voditsa, etc.) directly to the city main collector, thus off-loading the Obolonsky sewer pump station.
The Obolonsky SPS has not yet reached its projected capacity and is not capable to provide reception and transfer of increased volume of drains.
The course of construction incorporates different technologies of engineering grids laying, but a considerable part of collector is constructed with the help of 2,61 tunneling shield. Diameter of laid pipes - 1800 mm.
The construction provides for 8 monolithic stilling pools.
Taking into consideration difficult hydro-geological conditions at certain sections, there is carried out the constructional water drawdown and artificial freezing of soils.

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