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Advanced technologies for
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Sewer collector along Protasov Yar Str. from Solomenskaya Str. to Grinchenko Str.

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Construction time schedule: 06.2010 - 07.2012
Collector total length - 1491 m

The gravity-flowing collector along Protasov Yar Str. is intended for drainage of sewage into an existing Staro-Lybedsky D900 mm City Level Collector, thus off-loading certain sections of existing collector and will service the «Batyeva Mountain», «Aleksandrovskaya Suburb», «Solomenka» Residential Areas, Solomenskaya Industrial Zone, as well as the Projected «Protasov Yar» Residential Quarter.
732 m are being laid by the cut-and-cover method with the use of D600 mm cast-iron pipes.
667 m of a route are carried out by a microtunnelling method, there are laid D1200 mm ferro-concrete pipes with anticorrosive coating. Lateral connections to a new collector pass under the carriageway and are consequently carried out by a method of horizontal directed drilling. Along the collector route, construction provides for 13 stilling pools and 14 manholes.
Works are conducted under protection of constructional water drawdown.

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