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Advanced technologies for
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Pressure head sewer collector No.1 from «Nikolskaya Borshchagovka No.2» SPS in Svyatoshinsky District of Kiev City.

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Construction  time schedule: 09.2009 - 12.2011

Collector total length: 3265 m

The old collector, constructed in 1967 of steel, ferro-concrete and cast-iron pipes, is in an unsatisfactory condition because of considerable corrosion and needs an urgent replacement. The route of a new collector passes under the built-up territories and crosses the railway tracks. In the course of construction there are various technologies incorporated : 2780 m are laid by the cut-and-cover method, 217 m at the crossing of existing roads - by a method of steel pipe pushing at a depth of 3 - 4 m, and 400 m near the railway bridge - by a method of micro tunneling (at depth down to 6 m). The collector consists of D900 mm GRP Flowtite glass-fiber plastic pipes. The Project provides for construction of 7 inspection wells and chambers, as well as works on constructional water drawdown.




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