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Reconstruction of gravity-flowing sewage collector along Degtjarenko Str. in Kiev City
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Construction time schedule: 08.2011 - 09.2013
Length of drainage collector: 1585,5 lnr. m.
Diameter of drainage collector: 1000 - 1200 mm
Productivity: 542 l/sec

The Project’s purpose is the reconstruction of sewage collector of 1000-1200 mm in diameter along Degtjarenko Str. because of emergency condition caused by gaseous corrosion of concrete pipes.

The existing gravity-flowing drainage collector along Degtjarenko Str. of the economic-household water drain centralized system is constructed in 1939 and belongs to the oldest of drainage collectors of the Right-Bank part of Kiev City. The drainage collector drained waste waters from the Dneprovsky water treatment station, inhabited settlement of station’s personnel and Town of Vyshgorod onto the Podolsky sewage station ​​ of economic-household water drain of Kiev City.

At designing and construction of the water drain system of "Obolon", "Vinogradar", «Vitryani Gory», "Minsky" Residential Areas the decision was made on expediency of switching the drainage collector along Degtjarenko Str. from the drainage basin of Podolsky pumping station onto drainage basin of "Obolonsky" sewage station along Lugova Str.  Instead of old drainage collector, a new drainage collector has been constructed in 1990-1992 by cut-and-cover method of concrete pipes of 1000-1200 mm in diameter.

The drainage collector is in an emergency condition. In 2008, there were failures owing to its destruction. , the inspection chambers are also in unsatisfactory condition through gaseous corrosion.

The Project provides for total replacement of collector’s pipeline and inspection chambers. At this, the replacement is partially made on an old collector’s route, and partially – on a new one, which passes along Degtjarenko Str. The collector pipeline material is the glass-fiber plastic pipes of 1000 mm in diameter, its laying is made by the cut-and-cover method in trenches with temporary wooden-metal supports. Inspection chambers are constructed of monolithic ferro-concrete whose interior surface is protected with high-pressure polyethylene sheets.
The work is performed under protection of constructional water drawdown by vacuum well-points.
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