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Advanced technologies for
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Reconstruction of gravity-flowing sewage collector along M. Lebedev Str. in Kiev City
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Construction time schedule: 01.2011 - 05.2013
Length of drainage collector: 1322 lnr. m
Diameter of drainage collector: 2400 mm
Throughput: 1600 cu.m/sec (138240 cu.m/day)

The Project’s purpose is the sanitation of sewage collector along Lebedev Str. from the existing stilling pool located on Popudrenko Str. to the existing chamber of the Novo-Darnitsky sewage collector, located on the crossing of Krasnogvardejsky Str. and Karelsky by-street. Sanitation along the whole section of reconstruction is carried out by thin-wall concrete pipe of 2000 mm in diameter with the internal polyethylene insert for anticorrosive protection.

The sewage collector along Lebedev Str. is constructed and commissioned in 1986. The route of collector passes along Lebedev Str., Karelian by-street  from Popudrenko Str. to Krasnogvardejsky Str. The drainage collector is constructed by a method of shield tunneling with tunnel encasement with prefabricated reinforced-concrete liner plates with the subsequent arrangement of interior finish. The sewage collector is laid in a left-bank part of Dnipro River flood-plain in difficult engineering-geological conditions at depths of 8,0 - 11,0 m and is intended for gravity-flowing drain of household waste waters.

As a result of gaseous corrosion, the impermeability of reinforced concrete structures has been impaired and cracks have appeared of various sizes through which the soil outflow has begun into the housing of drainage collector which is deposited in the form of mud and ooze.

Sewage collector rehabilitation is made by a method of pulling into it of thin-wall reinforced-concrete pipes-encasements of 2000 mm in diameter with the internal polyethylene insert for anticorrosive protection. Reinforced-concrete pipes-encasements with the polyethylene insert have a high operating features: durability, impermeability, reliable connections, corrosion resistance.

Existing chambers are also in an unsatisfactory condition and require reconstruction by replacement of interior reinforced concrete structures and arrangement of anticorrosive protection with polyethylene sheets. 6 inspection chambers are subject to reconstruction along the collector route.
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