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Advanced technologies for
underground construction


Trench technologies

Trenchless technologies

Special kinds of works
Construction water level reduction Artificial freezing of soils



The Concern uses several methods for reconstruction of pipelines.

Reconstruction of existing pipelines of 100 to 400 mm in diameter.
Method of static destruction. Used in case of direct proximity of the pipeline to be replaced to other pipelines or communications. Pipelines of water and gas supply, water drain made of cast-iron, metal and ceramics are destroyed and new metal or polyethylene pipes are simultaneously laid down.
Method of dynamic destruction. The installation’s destroying element moves forward through an old pipeline, whereby the old pipe (ceramic, cast-iron or concrete) is pressed into surrounding soil by dynamic energy of compressed air, and the new pipe of similar or bigger diameter is immediately pulled after the cutting machine.

Reconstruction (sanitation) of existing pipelines of 1000 to 2500 mm diameter
Method of pulling a polyethylene pipe (relining). Sanitation is fulfilled with a reduction of collector’s diameter.

Reconstruction with application of SPIRO pipes. Pipes are manufactured by KWH Pipe company and answer ISO TC 138 SC 1/WG 3 DP 9971 and CEN/TC 155/WG13 European standards. Sphere of application:
sewer grids, water conduits under the main transport highways, technological water networks, land-reclamation systems, tunnels, reservoirs, cable sheaths.
Advantages of SPIRO pipes application:
- chemical resistance of polyethylene pipes to more than 200 chemical compounds ensures their long-term operation;
- the method does not require disturbance of a day surface, soil excavation and removal; it does not harm the environment, does not create problems to the population and transport traffic;
 - collector’s reliable hermetic sealing is provided;
- reconstruction time is reduced.

Reconstruction of extinguishing chambers, viewing chambers and potable water reservoirs
Walls and ceilings of constructions are refurbished using high pressure polyethylene ribbed sheet PE 80. Warranty lifetime after reconstruction is up to 50 years.

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