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Advanced technologies for
underground construction
Special kinds of works

Construction’s water level reduction

Construction’s water level reduction is carried out at the arrangement of shafts and trenches, as in many cases, installations and grids of water supply and drainage system are laid either in immediate proximity to water basins, or in conditions of watered and unstable soils.
Experts of   "Concern "KyivPidzemShlyakhBud " carry out reduction of water level by two methods:
- by water level reduction vacuum installation which is completed with well points;
- by  installing the deep pumps in dewatering wells.
The method of water level reduction and drilling of wells, their placement, quantity and design of filters depends on specifics and conditions of soils bedding, level of subsoil waters, the size of a drained zone, force of a water-bearing horizon, excavation methods, distance to the nearest buildings, etc.
The monitoring over level of subsoil waters in the course of work performance is carried out by a system of pressure observation wells.


Artificial freezing of soils

Concern’s Experts at carrying out civil work use the technology of artificial freezing of soils - creation of an artificial stable and water-proof  layer of any form from a frozen soil which interferes the penetration of underground water or watered unstable soils into a foundation pit. For freezing-up, the freezing columns connected to a refrigerating station are lowered on foundation pit’s perimeter into the thickness of water-bearing soils. The coolant is circulating in pipes and columns. In the course of heat exchange the soil temperature is gradually decreasing to a full freezing. As a result, there the uniform and self-contained mass of frozen soil is formed around the foundation pit. The refrigerating station is active throughout the whole period of construction. Ammonia, sometimes freon or liquid nitrogen is more often used as a coolant in the refrigerating stations.

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