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Advanced technologies for
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Trenchless technologies

Special kinds of works
Construction water level reduction Artificial freezing of soils


Trench technologies

Availability of the branched out network of numerous city engineering communications defines different methods of laying the pipelines. Not always is possible and economically beneficial to use the trenchless method of construction.

Concern’s experts apply trenching techniques, using present-day linear mechanized shield sheeting manufactured  by Emunds und Staudinger Gmbh German company in their work. The linear formwork is adapted for operations at depths to 5 m, with pipes of big and small-size diameters, in the conditions of dense city construction.


  • at the use of linear formwork the soil behind the trench edge remains motionless, thus allowing to work in immediate proximity from apartment houses and at the intense transport traffic on both sides of a trench;
  • safety of conducting the excavations increases essentially;
  • performance time is reduced;
  • amount of soil which is developed and removed is decreased considerably;
  • excavation workmanship is raised and appearance of construction project is improved.


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