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Advanced technologies for
underground construction



Trench technologies

Special kinds of works
Construction water level reduction Artificial freezing of soils


Trenchless technologies

Trenchless technologies known in the world as NO-DIG or TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGIES, are a variant of work performance on laying underground communications without disturbing the day surface.

Main advantages:

  • Exclude damage of existing communications.
  • Cheaper in comparison with a traditional open method, due to cost saving for arrangement of trenches, restoration of road paving.
  • Reduce time of work performance and the personnel number.
  • Considerably raise the work safety level (absence of trenches and mechanisms along the route laying).
  • Do not cause harm to the environment and reduce obstruction to public transport and people to a minimum.


Microtunnelling is a pipeline laying of different diameter by means of microtunnel shield tunneling facilities. Especially effective in the conditions of dense city construction at laying at considerable depths on a distance to 1,0 km.The important features - high accuracy of driving and configuration’s continuous monitoring.

Main advantages:

  • considerable reduction of volume of soil which is excavated and removed;
  • reduction of terms and cost of work performance in comparison with traditional methods;
  • absence of necessity in a decrease of subsoil water level;
  • absence of influence of adverse weather conditions on period and quality of carried out works;
  • possibility of laying the pipelines along a curvilinear route.

The standard shield performs driving in soils from strength category 1 to 5.
The drive-in direction is controlled by a high precision guidance complex using a computer and laser equipment.
The achieved accuracy is about 1,5mm irrespective of the route length.

Horizontal directed drilling

Horizontal directed drilling (HDD) - is a method of making a borehole with design parameters and of any configuration. It is achieved through   a non-stop monitoring of the drilling process and route adjusting during the construction process. The above method is based on a principle of gradual widening of a channel by means of stepwise increase of a diameter of edge cones with any subsequent drive-in through the channel.

The main advantage of the given technology is the channel for big diameter pipes can be preliminary organized by means of a compact and mobile unit due to a stepwise increase of a channel diameter in the soil.

HDD technology

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