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Advanced technologies for
underground construction

Mechanized shield driving
Driving by means of mechanized drive

Horizontal directed drilling
Method of making a borehole with design parameters and of any configuration



Microtunneling is an up-to-date technology that allows installing pipes of different diameter in complicated geological conditions, i.e. rock formations, without excavation the surface. The most effective usage of micro tunnel panel complex is in condition of dense residential housing with the distance up to 1 km.
The most important specifics of micro tunneling are high precision of driving and constant monitoring of configuration.

To construct a collector two trenches are necessary, the first one - starting and the second one. The depth of trenches is corresponding to the depth of installation of pipes network. The set of required equipment components is composed in accordance with on the diameter of the collector, geological and local conditions. A standard model of a drive-in panel is equipped with a head with four ribs onto which rod cutters and gravers are installed. The ribs themselves also break bigger pieces of rock while driving in. The standard panel drives in the soil ranging from strength category 1 to category 5.

The hydraulic control cylinders are installed inside on the panel and so it allows turning a controlled front side of the panel at an angle of up to 4º, thus changing the drive-in direction.
The drive-in direction is controlled by a high precision guidance complex as well as  using a computer and laser equipment. The achieved accuracy is about 1,5mm irrespective of the route length.

The use of bentonitic mix and intermediate jacking stations allows to:
- install a pipeline throughout the whole length of a route without building intermediate shafts;
 - considerably increase the length of the laying pipeline;
 - not  to exceed a tolerance of a pushing force for the pipes.

Stationary or mobile electric or diesel units shall be used as power drives while driving in.

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